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Wild Icelandic Horses
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What can RH Veterinary Physiotherapy offer in appointments?


  • Understanding and recording an in-depth clinical history and lifestyle of each patient.

  • Static and dynamic assessment of the animal

    • In some equine cases observation with the rider on too

  • Palpation techniques to assess the quality of soft tissues

  • Joint range of movement assessment

  • Neurological assessment (When applicable) 


  • From the findings, treatments within the session including:

    • Massage

    • Stretching

    • Passive range of motion / joint mobilization

    • Myofascial release

    • Electrotherapies (Including PEMFT, Laser (LLLT), Ultrasound (UST) TENS, NMES)

    • K-taping 

    • Cryotherapy (including Epiony heat pad)

  • Tailor-made rehabilitation exercise programs and home management advice.


Each session is individually tailored to suit each animal's needs. Factors that will affect this are: age, workload, fitness, whether the animal is conservatively managed or whether there has been surgical intervention.


Follow up sessions consist of a more concise re-assessment to identify any changes following the previous consultation.











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